About Us

Mincar Consulting is a full-service IT/Web Project Management Consulting firm. We specialize in ERP Consulting: SAP, Oracle, Exact, and Microsoft Dynamics. We’re driven and we deliver.

  • Are you a growing business that needs to supplement your IT staff temporarily?
  • Are you a small business that doesn’t have an IT staff at all?
  • Need help with that web project that you just can’t get off the ground.
  • Don’t even know what IT or web or project mgmt is about?

ERP/IT/Agile PM/web 2.0. Technology today is an ever changing, fast-moving landscape. The important part is that we can help. We take the mystery out of technology. And we explain what we’re doing along the way. We leave our clients with answers, guidance and the ability to eventually be self-sufficient.

Proven. Professional. Easy to work with…and we love what we do.

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